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She's a copper skinned Goddess with hair the colour of polished onyx and piercing blue eyes that are effortlessly disarming.
The soft bends and contours of her body are perfect n proportion and shape... Pert breasts, tiny toned waist, shapely hips and an absolutely delicious covering of dark pubic hair downstairs.
Enjoy Klaudia!
My oh My, another outstanding set from Klaudia, her fourth, she epitomises a sultry, simmering smouldering sensuality that is marvellously photogenic, as is shown to great effect in this splendid set, in which there is also an underlying sense of fun being had. A set that comprises from first to last of beautifully photographed, beautifully lit compositions that are a delight to view and for which my thanks are due to the crew and Klaudia.


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Fenna and Svenno

The gorgeous Dutch Fenna gives us a little slice of her home life as we are introduced to her boyfriend Svenno. Flirting with each other on the couch Svenno runs his hands over Fenna's large pert breasts, squeezing them and hinting at what he might want to come!
Laying on the sofa next to each other the quickly undress each other, Fenna holding him and slipping him inside her smooth shaved pussy.


Clara possesses a pair of the most gorgeous ski-jump little breasts I’ve ever seen! They’re pale, milky cream and soft but still firm and young. Her glowing skin and bright, healthy eyes are just divine and as she smiles your heart will surely melt and form a puddle on the floor. She’s a sweetheart and I know you’ll love her!

Tanlines on Breasts

Christina flicks her long thick hair over her should as she looks back past her feminine hips and pert round bum!
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